Award Winner

Skewd Team

Skewd Kitchen crowned best fine dining resturant at the British Kebab Awards 2019

Last night a prestigious event took place which brought together celebrities, politicians and most importantly, restaurateurs. The British Kebab Awards is a glittery occasion with highly sought after awards which kebab chefs have fought for since 2012. It was a calm evening outside but in the Park Plaza, Westminster, the anticipation was climbing and rumours of who the victors might be grew from ripples to raucous waves in the minds of every nominee.

Maz Demir

Of course, the Skewd team was in attendance and as we’ve stated before, we prefer standing on stage to sitting in the crowd. We were delighted when our name was announced as the winner of the Fine Dining award! Having another trophy to add to our collection is a testament to two crucial components of our story. First, the craftsmanship and creativity which our chefs invest into the kitchen which adds the allure and secondly, the allegiance of our loyal customers who travel far and wide to dine time after time at our North London Turkish restaurant.

Skewd Team - British Kebab Awards

What makes us different?

Many follow and most fall where Skewd leads and succeeds. Our entire ethos is centred around ingenuity, innovation and seeing food from a slightly different angle to everybody else. We have a team of award-winning chefs who never stop pushing the boundary on gastronomic greatness. From our molasses to our meats, everything is carefully sourced so that we have supreme ingredients; combining this with the wizardry in the kitchen, the menu is a magical selection of exquisite dishes for the esteemed palate.

Skewd Team - British Kebab Awards 2019