Sunday Roast In North London With a Turkish Twist

We’re doing Lunch Tapas, the Turkish way – try stopping us!

Hola? No, it’s Alo! to Skewd’s newest spark of menu magic. We’re pushing away the paella for paçanga and shoving out the shrimp for shish. It’s a Turkish invasion, spearheaded by the wizards we keep locked in our Cockfosters kitchen. The mission is to capture your imagination by treating your taste buds to the gorgeous creation of…

What can you expect?

When the Ottoman leaders were the dons of the Spanish kingdom, they took the tradition of Tapas and decided to spruce up the dishes with some flavours from back home. This combination was a clash of two cultures, the collision of two vibrant, colourful cuisines. They left the recipes for their dishes somewhere under an ancient deck chair (maybe they had a few too many pina coladas that night). We’ve found those recipes and now we’re bringing them to you!